About The Hospital


lIris Eye Care center is located at . It is easily accesible by car and cab. 

The patients visiting our clinic are those people with a large spectacle power, people with diabetes, senior citizens who have difficulty with near vision , complicated glaucoma cases. Dr Nakhwa also operates patients with retinal detachment- who may have a profound loss of vision, diabetics who have lost vision, young children with retinal problems , eye injuries and eye infections

About Iris Eye Care Center

We provide the following services:

  1. Phacoemulsification with use of Advanced Technology IOLs
  2. All types Of Refractive Surgeries  (Lasik)
  3. Medical and Surgical Management of Glaucoma
  4. Medical Retina treatment
  5. Surgical treatment of retinal disorders.
  6. Spectacle and Contact Lens Service
  7. Pediatric Ophthalmology
  8. Anterior Segment (YAG) Laser Treatment.