Computerized Eye Testing

Comprehensive eye testing goes a long way in correcting your vision and helping you see things clearly. Gone are the days that everything needs to be done manually. With the advent of computerized eye testing, it has become easy and cost-effective to test for errors in sight and prescribe corrective lenses.

The device that performs this test is called an auto-refractometer. There are multiple variations of this in the market, but the working principle behind it remains the same. Light is thrown on to the eyes and the reflections are measured.

Computerized Eye Testing in Moshi

Why Iris Eye Care?

There are 3 main components for a refractometer: 1) Infrared light, 2) Badal lens and 3) a fixation target. The actual measurement of the error in eyesight is done by the Badal lens. Infrared light ray is sent into the eye which the retina reflects back. The polarization of this reflected light is detected by a light sensor in the machine. Now the Badal lens moves to equal this polarization as the distance between the eye and the lens is linearly related to the refractive power of the eye. This distance moved by the lens is converted to a digital reading by the computer and prescribes how much correction is needed.

Why Iris Eye Care?

Iris eye care center has not only the latest in computerized eye testing but our technicians are also trained rigorously and are very efficient and skilled when it comes to completing the test. This is because the man operating the machine is just as crucial for accuracy as the machine itself. While auto-refractometers give an objective measure of refractive error, there needs to be a subjective call made by the optometrist regarding the power that is comfortable for the patient before prescribing glasses. Iris eye care center also prepares the patient for an eye test by creating an environment that is relaxed and accounting for accommodation – the tendency of the eye to instantly focus on an object or picture.

Iris eye care center offers the best in computerized eye testing, by using the latest technologies for as accurate a measure of refractive error as possible. We also offer a comprehensive examination of your eyes along with the test to find out the complete health of your eyes and do not prescribe glasses based on the reading alone. Many experts recommend a consult with an ophthalmologist as well for getting a complete picture of your eye health and help you enjoy the visual spectacle that is the world around us.

Is computerized eye testing accurate?

Personal computers are accurate, but are they the same as eye testing computers? Is it required for every clinic? To begin, it is known as an Auto-refractometer. This gadget shines light into the eye and measures the reflected light, providing us with an excellent starting point for testing your eyesight.

The men behind the machines are important?

This ability must be refined based on age, eye muscle condition, kind of job, and other eye disorders. Subjective testing is when you are forced to read the letters on the chart from a defined distance. Your replies are evaluated here.

Can eye testing be done without a computer?

Practitioners who do not have an auto refractometer utilise a retinoscope to determine the beginning point for subjective assessment. The retinoscope is one of the most critical tools in an eye care practitioner’s armoury. A skilled retinoscopist can be quite accurate.

So does that mean eye testing on Auto refractor is a sham?

The reason why eye care practitioners prefer autorefractor is because retinoscopy requires a great deal of skill and takes a long time in inexperienced hands. It is extremely challenging to keep children cooperating for retinoscopy. The auto-ref. comes in handy here. In rare cases, it may be the opposite way around.

Confused about should eye testing be computerized or not?

So, the next time you need an eye exam, don’t ask if it’s computerized Eye testing; instead, ask if the person behind the equipment is competent and institutionally taught to examine eyes. This will give you the most exact prescription.

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